iVitals for Medical Professionals

iVitals was developed by specialist medical professionals (cardiologists) as a means to improving availablity of patient's heart vitals data. The most common issue we faced was patients did not remember to bring in their BP log, which is sort of an appointment wasted. Even if the patient had a log, interpreting their method of recording the BP measurements was considerable effort. Since using iVitals we have seen:

  • Big improvement in availablity of vital patient data
  • Consistency of data - we see the same charts, analysis and record format for all our patients which saves us time
  • And to ensure BP records are not edited post interpretation we added a rule where patients cannot edit or delete records after 24 hours from when it was created

We have benefited greatly from pushing iVitals out to our patients so we thought we'd help other medical professionals take it up and help their patients.

Drop us a line if you would like us to introduce new features or improve iVitals.

iVitals is totally free - aiming to improve collaboration between medical professionals and patients

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