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I am Dr.Shivang Shah, a practicing, board certified Cardiologist, with a degree of Masters in Public health emphasizing Biostatistics and Epidemiology. I believe that all complex things in life are made up of multiple simple things and that means that no matter how complicated the question may be, the answer is a set of simple solutions. Everyday I take care of patients who are extremely sick and are suffering from disabling and deadly heart problems. With the advancement of medical science, there are multiple treatment modalities available that can help our patients. However, almost all the strategies are centered and are directed by patient’s vitals signs, mainly "Pulse/Heart rate" and "Blood pressure". These vital signs are dynamic and one cannot rely solely on one value to make significant changes in patient’s treatment regimen as sometimes the consequences can be extremely detrimental. In this situation a trend, especially obtained at home when patient is comfortable and relaxed, is more reliable and helpful. I would always ask my patients to bring me a log of their BP and pulse, but patients forget bringing the log to their appointment most times or even worse lose the logs. In those cases, the entire clinic visit would go futile at times, especially when I am planning on making changes in medications. Minor adjustments in medications can potentially have miraculaous benefits hence the importance of these heart vitals cannot be underestimated.

Dr. Shivang Shah (MD)


Kunal Mistry


I created iVitals along with my childhood friend Kunal Mistry, who handled the technology and architecture behind the iVitals apps and website. Our goal was to keep it super simple to use for patients and for medical professionals. We have designed iVitals to keep all the heart vitals records on the cloud so its available to view as soon as it is saved by the patient.

We understand other cardiologists, medical practitioners and professionals are pretty much in the same situation and may find it difficult to manage heart conditions of patients without having access to patient's heart vitals. Hence we are sharing what has worked with us with the rest of the world - hoping to help doctors and patients collaborate better, ultimately resulting in better outcome for patients.

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