iVitals - Help and Frequently asked questions

iVitals cloud blood pressure manager apps can be downloaded by searching iVitals in app store or using links below

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Why am I required to create an account?
You must create an account so that your medical professional can search for you and view your records.
How do I create an account?
An account can be created from the website - www.ivitals.net or directly from our iOS and Android apps.
Can I use fake information to create my account?
You may use any information to create your account however please note that your medical professional may not be able to search and add you as their patient if your information is fake.
My medical professional cannot find me in their online account
Please provide the exact names and date of birth used to create the account to your medical professional for them to search and add you as their patient. If they are still having issues please contact us.
Who has access to my data?
Only approved health professionals and medical practitioners have access to your records.
Can anyone add me as their patient and view my records?
A medical professional can add you only if they have their the exact names and date of birth you used to create your iVitals account.
What data is shared with health professionals?
Only blood pressure record data is shared with your medical practitioner. We do not capture or share any sensitive information like SSNs.
How do I share/send my records to my doctor?
You do not need to send records to your medical practitioner. Once your medical practitioner has created an account they would be able to view your records as soon as you add them.
I have forgotten my username, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your username please send us an email via the contact us page from the same email you have registered with. Because of security and privacy reasons your username will be sent to your registered email address only.
I have forgotten my password
If you know your username you can reset your password using - https://ivitals.net/Account/ForgotPassword . Please note that you will receive an email to reset your password to your registered email address.
I do not want to use any of iVitals Cloud features - Can I still use the app?
Absolutely, once you have downloaded the app, select local account from the register account menu.